The Importance of Care Labels

The Importance of Care Labels

Have you ever been bothered by an itchy care label in your clothing? Annoyed by the tag hanging off the edge of your sheet? Before you're tempted to tear it off, stop and consider the crucial role that the care label plays.

The care label, or garment tag, includes information about the material of the product, making it essential for consumer decisions.

**Don't Get Conned**

Synthetic materials are often passed off as the real thing – a care label will tell you whether those "leather" boots are genuine or merely man-made material. They can also help you determine whether you are paying a fair price for something.

**Find the Perfect Fit**

The material also determines whether a garment is appropriate for a particular situation. A wool sweater provides warmth, whereas a cotton sweater is breathable and less suitable for cold weather. Fabrics like lycra are stretchy and cling to the body, whereas others like satin are inflexible and provide a structured look.

**Longer Life**

Knowing the material of a fabric enables proper washing care, allowing the article to maintain its structure and out-of-the-box look for a considerable length of time.

**Be Informed**

Certain fabrics like polyester may set off allergies, while others, such as cotton, are considered hypoallergenic and are much less likely to set off a reaction.

Washing instructions are an equally important part of a care label.

**Keep It Nice**

Fabrics sometimes react adversely to heat. To avoid shrinking your favorite sweater, burning your silk shirt, or stretching out your wool pants, look to the care label. It will tell you the proper temperature of water, air, and iron to apply to your garment.

**Avoid Expense**

Reading the care instructions before purchasing a garment can help you avoid items that are expensive to maintain. A label that reads "Dry Clean Only" means just that, and it can cost a considerable amount to keep it clean.

**Do Less Work**

Care labels also include important time-saving information. Non-iron shirts and machine washable garments require less time and effort.

**Support Local and Eco-Friendly**

Lastly, and most importantly, a clothing tag will tell you about the manufacturing process of the garment, allowing the consumer to easily support local and eco-friendly products.

So before you tear out that label, take a minute to think of the wealth of info you are throwing away.

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